Business Travel Tips

Business travel tips (Stay in Serviced apartments for Hustle free stay)

Travelling is always required for expanding business and these travels are also hectic. Some times travel is very stressful due flight schedule change, going to new place, not having idea about accommodation facilities and even there could be fear of loss of luggage. The corporate in business tour is also always hectic because of busy schedule.

Corporate needs to finish the job as soon as possible and fly to another place to catch other schedule. The movie named “Up in the Air” gives us the answer of “Wh” questions related to business travel.

Here are some tips that can help you when you are travelling in Bangalore, India.
1. Check flight schedule: it is important to check flight schedule because Bangalore international airport is nearly 25 km apart from city center. So you need to know how much time it could take to reach your office or to reach your place where you booked your accommodation.

2. Avoid shuttle service: it is advised not to use shuttle services from where you booked accommodations if not complementary. It is costly than other services. You will always get Airport taxi services, OLA and UBER shuttle services from the airport. It is very easy, come out from the airport, you will find airport taxi stand just outside. Make a call to the accommodation place and ask the driver to talk to them. They will take you to proper place.

3. Use Google map: usually the accommodation places are available in Google map, use the Google map to coordinate with the taxi driver and the accommodation place. This will also help you to find out the actual distance between your work place and accommodation place.

4. Stay in serviced apartments: book serviced apartments for your accommodation. Even if your company is providing accommodation, request them to book serviced apartments. In Bangalore serviced apartments will be always closer to your work place and having very large space than hotels. This will make you feel more comfortable as serviced apartment negotiates lot or rules and regulation, timing and also offerings to the guest. In Serviced apartments, it is possible that every guest having different customized facilities. You can ask various facilities to the serviced apartments and you could get lot of things as complementary.

5. Check free Wi-Fi: while staying in serviced apartments or hotels, check if they are providing free Wi-Fi facility. You are travelling here for business. So Wi-Fi is very important for you all the time.

6. Reduce your stress: you can reduce your stress by having a good conversation in your work place and if you are staying in serviced apartments, there are lot of person with whom you can start conversation during breakfast, in common area even if you are taking a private room in shared apartment