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Understanding different types of accommodation:

Travel is a major activity that human use to do in every stage in life. Now a day’s one single person can be travelers for various reasons. The reasons may be for Business Travel, travel with friends, travelers with family or vacation travelers also. For whatever the reason you travel, you need to have an accommodation. It is difficult to understand what kindly of accommodation you need for staying in various places. We are giving you some types of accommodation facilities that people use generally.

  1. Hotel: it is an accommodation facility with majorly room concept. This is including of various guest services such as, breakfast, Internet use, housekeeping, and other food facilities and so on. Hotels are chosen majorly for short-term stay. Hotels are usually categorized with various STAR depending on facilities in all over the world.
  2. Boutique Hotel: These provide high quality of guest centric services, furnished with various themes and personalized experience.
  3. Bed and Breakfast: it is an independent establishment. Breakfast is served with accommodation.
  4. Business Hotels: these hotels are strategically located near business areas and IT parks. These hotels majorly serve to business travelers. Business hotels are well equipped with various corporate facilities and services such as Internet access, conference rooms and F&B facilities.
  5. Apart-hotels: it is smart choice for the guests who are coming for long stay in a city or business areas. These are specially serving for long-term stay. Apartment-hotels or apart-hotels are the combination of hotel facilities given in an apartment.
  6. Guesthouse: Private house offering accommodation in lower cost.
  7. Extended stay hotels: this offers the traditional comfort of home in discounted tariff for long stay guests.
  8. Pent house: the highest floor of a building equipped with luxury amenities, made for guest stay.

Where Deltrum Residential is positioning: Deltrum Residential is serving to the guest who is coming single, with corporate team members and families coming for relocation or vocational stay. By considering the customers and the services that we provide which includes morning breakfast, Internet access, daily housekeeping, fully equipped kitchen with gas connection and the strategic location, Deltrum serviced apartment is Apart-Hotel for Extended Stay.

Serviced apartments for short stay Bangalore Serviced apartments for short stay Bangalore